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Other dimensions.

  1. Oct 29, 2004 #1
    Ok I know that relativity used a fourth dimension to explain gravity. I figured string theory forums would be a place to start for my question.

    Has there ever been a theory or evidence that made use of extra dimensions being the reason behind strong, weak and EM forces? I just don't feel like using a search engine when I can make you guys help. :devil:

    Thanks guys.
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    I was wondering about this too.

    Its said string theory needs 6 extra dimensions for degrees of freedom. Could these be forces? Totting it up I thought prehaps we get space (x, y, z), time, electric, magnetic (perpendicular to electric? Not so sure about this one), strong, weak, gravity, spin and/or quintessence (instead of magnetic)

    Is this barking up the wrong tree? Inquiring minds would liek to know :D
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    In short, can dimensions and an all-pervasive substance explain all physical phenom such as by 'projecting' particles and forces by it's interaction with itself. I'm refering to the actual pervasive backdrop-space, or maybe aether; either-being physical. I am trying to think of alternate theories; I wanted to know about dimensions so I posted here.
    -Spencer :rofl:
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    In my thoughts

    x, y & z are three dimensions

    gravity is the forth dimension

    electro-magnetism is a fifth dimension

    wormholes are the 6th dimension. (wormholes are bridges or tunnels that can link distant regions of space, ie cosmic shortcuts which are created by rips in spacial fabric, which is ether isnt it? in which these rips are inside extruded 'strings', these strings of bubble surround the tear acting as a protective shield. So strings make it possible for space to rip).

    Time which is related to gravity is probaly another.

    we live on a membrane that floats in a higher dimension of space alongside parallel universes.
  6. Nov 9, 2004 #5
    Heh. . . nevermind. I'm confused.
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