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Out of Pure Light Matter is Created !

  1. Jul 23, 2013 #1
    Hi !

    Here is the article I'm talking about: link
    tl;dr - Positrons are created from colliding photons head on .

    I am looking for other research that supports this direct translation of Energy --> Matter . It doesn't necesarrly have to be labrotory tested, could be theoretical aswell .

    Thank you !
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    Google around for "pair production" - we've been turning photons into massive particles for easily 75 years.
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    Right after the bigbang colliding photons were producing lots of particles.
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    Besides "pair production" mentioned by Nugatory, you might also try googling "two-photon physics".
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    If you include kinetic energy, then just look at every single particle collider in the world, including the LHC. The combined kinetic energy of the colliding particles is turned into mass and a pleasant plethora of particles are produced.
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    thank you all !
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