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Out-sourcing customer service sucks!

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    I bought an air-time card to recharge my wife's TracFone, at the local WalMart. The card refused to load when I used the phone's menu. It also was rejected by TracFone's automated add air-time function. Finally, I got a human who did not speak English properly. I would give her the serial number of the phone and the PIN of the card, and she would insist on "verifying" each number, and couldn't pronounce the names of the numbers well enough for me to agree that her "verification" was accurate. It took me over 1/2 hour to add minutes to my wife's phone.

    I realize that foreigners work for less money than domestic workers, but really! What do you save if a task that should take a couple of minutes tops takes 1/2 hour and leaves your customer ticked enough to consider tossing the phone in the trash? BTW, this is not the first time that this has happened. The last time I tried adding air-time, I went through the same run-around and hassle with customer-service with NO English skills. I speak very clearly, and with a non-accent that former customers have compared to US newscasters. I can't help but wondering what hell someone from central Alabama or east Kentucky might go through.
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    I do not generally have much trouble with this. The only issue I have is that many of these people apparently work on some sort of commission or quota system and will try so hard to sign you up for something that you have to hang up on them or you will never get away. But I think that is general and not just outsourced customer service.
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    up yours, chowderhead
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    It probably would have been quicker to just hang up and try again.
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