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B Paradox in the nuclear activity

  1. Nov 3, 2016 #1
    good evening everybody!!!
    i'm studying these days the nuclear activity and this amazing world where an atom try to find its/her stability !!!!
    so i came across the famous radiations but then stoped by something i didn't quite understand!!
    when an atom release a beta radiation a negative one for example didn't she become unstable but from a charge view? ( when a neutron become a proton which means a one more + will be add which also mean that the atom needs a one more electron ?! nonetheless she release a one !!!! isn't that a paradox?!
    please my head is gonna explode from thinking
    thank you!
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    Atoms which contain an unbalanced number of protons and electrons are called ions. The energy that it takes to make an ion is minuscule compared to the energies involved in a nuclear transition. It is literally the difference between dynamite and a nuclear weapon.
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    When a neutron decays through the beta- interaction, you have:
    ##n^0 -> p^+ + e^-##
    So the charge is conserved on both sides.
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    oh yeah !!! i see what do you mean and that quite solve my problem !!! thank you!!
    but is this electron is new formed? if it is a yes from where "he" came?
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    hii thank you for answering!!!
    so isn't an ion an atom that gain or lose an electron???
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    If an atom gains or loses an electron, it becomes an "atom which contains an unbalanced number of protons and electrons" so this is consistent with what Dale said.
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