Parallax question.


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The question:
A triple stellar system, showing a parallax of 0.01 arcsecond, is composed of a binary system,
with a distance between the two stars of 0.2 AU, and a third star, at a distance of 90 AU from
the binary. This system is observed in the optical (wavelength of 55000 Angstram) with a 1 meter telescope.
a. What is the distance of this system ?
b. How many stars will actually be seen when using a space-based telescope ?
c. How many stars will be seen when using a ground-based telescope, where the typical seeing
is 1 arcsecond ?

My attempt at solution
a. Well, [tex]\theta=0.01[arcseconds][/tex], [tex]D=\frac{\lambda}{\theta}[/tex] where lambda is the wavelenghth given in the brackets, and D is the distance of this stellar system from earth.

Don't know how to do b. and c., any advice?

Thanks in advance.

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