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Parity violation with respect to massive neutrinos

  1. Apr 30, 2004 #1
    Now that it is becoming apparent that neutrinos are massive (albeit rather small), I have a question that bears upon the accepted symmetry framework as applied to weak interacton.

    We know from weak decay (say Beta) that there is parity asymmetry, that the resultant neutrinos are polarized (left handed) proportional to -v/c, and the thought was they were 100% polarization due to the assumption of massless particles.

    However since we know now neutrino velocity can be less than c, there is the possibility of right-handed neutrinos! This was totally inconceiveable before, so what are the implications? especially as it relates to violations of CP symmetry? Previously, combining with charge conjugation restored the symmetry so CP remain inviolate.
    Apparently however, massive neutrinos would indicate there is a violation of CP symmetry in weak beta deacy interaction also, no? :eek:

    In other words, CP invariance was thought to hold in beta decay, yet apparently not now.
    Your thoughts?

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