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Parking in Handicap Spot

  1. Jun 4, 2004 #1
    One of the things that annoy me most are people that park in handicap spots, and those that get the Handicap sign on their car, even though they are perfectly able.

    Recently, I've seen people try to justify taking handicap spots. It was on the news a long time ago, and the people who took the spots seemed to be ashamed (covered their faces, ran from the reporter).

    What's your take on perfectly able people who park their cars in handicap spots?
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    I think it's inexcusable. Handicapped parking really is designed for people that need extra room for wheelchairs, or those motorized seats.

    It's incredible how lazy some people are.
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    I don't think it is possible to get a handicap sign for your car if you are perfectly able. Just because someone seems to be able to walk fine doesn't mean they are not in some kind of pain they are keeping to themselves. My brother in law who has multiple sclerosis now has to walk with a cane, but before it got that bad he went as long as he could without one. Strictly speaking he could have walked from the complete other end of the parking lot, but why should he when he can get a handicap sticker and cut the discomfort of walking short? People who look more or less allright can have alot going on you can't see.
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    Using a handicapped tag when you are perfectly healthy is inexcusable.

    Keep in mind that you can't necessarily tell by looking if a person needs a handicapped tag. My mother had heart surgery in her mid-20s, and ever since she's been unable to walk long distances, even across the parking lot. She doesn't look like anything is wrong with her, though, and ignorant (though most likely well-intentioned) people have accosted her in the past over her HC parking permit.
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    It is possible. The news did a report on it. Some outright lie.

    Others use an injured relative to get a sign, then they slap it on their own car.

    I know people who have those 'fake' tags.

    And I've seen people in their 20's and 30's get out of their cars, with the handicap sign and jog into the mall (obviously in a rush).

    Others don't have signs, but I see it a lot. I was outside of school once for Band practice, and this lady pulled right into the Handicap spot in front of like over 100 kids and the teacher. She didn't even have a sign, and she walked into the building.

    Is it really that difficult to find a normal spot? Because there were like 20 other spots available for her.
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    This whole thing just puzzles me. I mean, what is so wrong with getting a regular space and walking a few extra step? Are people just that lazy now?
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    I'm talking about the people that park in the handicapped spaces that don't have handicapped stickers.

    But that does bring up another point, people with handicapped stickers that seem to be fine (maybe relatives of the handicapped, or fake stickers?). I mean, if you can't walk a few more feet in the parking lot, how can you walk through the store?
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    It is a specific instance of a broader phenomenon. Another example: I have heard stories of people who are perfectly capable of working at an office-type job as a clerk or a secretary or what have you, who apply for disability benefits and get them courtesy of the taxpayers and a bureaucracy that is too easily hoodwinked.
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    Extremely good point. If they can't walk another 20 feet, how will they get around in the mall?

    There are people in wheel chairs or crutches that need those spaces.

    Again - sick.

    Even worse...http://www.couchmaster.ca/jerk/ [Broken].
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    i am guilty of doing that once... I'm ashamed. And i do think thats its a horridthing to do. I dont really have a good excuse, i just did it coz it was raining and i didnt want to get drenched so i parked in the handicapped zone.... : (
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