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Peace is MORE profitable

  1. Apr 19, 2004 #1
    We need some really really smart people to figure out how to convince "the market" that peace is truly more profitable than war.

    Though the quick profits, no-one to account to, these look profitable, it is sooo much more profitable if "everyone is happy."

    May some smart person determine the best way to get money, "current-see" people to understand that all the support for war, unsustainable resources, these are pale in comparison to true value: fair economic stability. Economic growth sounds nice but it more like a cancer. Economic vitality, balance, life, vibrance, etc..

    Peace is more profitable. Thank you for your time.

    Love n light, Teo :cool: :cool:
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    hear hear!

    And some good news, some really smart people have already created such suggestions and plans, the most notable being Buckminster Fuller, who created the geodesic dome, The World Game, and the Dymaxion Map.

    The solutions are already here, Bucky noted that through proper managment of world resources, every global citizen can have BILLIONAIRE WEALTH.

    That would certainly solve our problems, huh? All sides winning foreign policy is the cheapest, most effective, and easiest way to go..

    It is the irrational poker playing politician who does not understand the concepts of synergy or how to apply it, but dont worry, it's getting pretty obvious that the lose/lose politicians, there time is 'nigh at hand'...

    Join the HUman UNion!

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    Yes, peace is profitable for long term investments, but war is quite the opposite.

    We humans tend to go for the latter, just for personal benefits. It eliminates competition for resources and allows us to be richer, and the anti-victorius entities poorer. Since war is part of human nature, there's nothing to do to stop it. In fact, war isn't just a trait of terrans. So long as there are finite materials, (which is literal. The universe is big, but not limitless.) there will always be fights for fuel et food et cetera between factions.

    Over and out.
  5. Apr 27, 2004 #4
    Eastbayrats are bikers downstairs keeping us awake!

    Hey Moonie! Thanks! I'm going to look up Fuller's stuff. You are a real buddy for sharing that! I guess Rats are all right.. he he..

    Maybe I'll post a request for people to share resources that will help feel / fuel / help all people - the resources negative people poopoo on, won't get into them, well,

    Isn't it an incredible blessing that we can use these discussion forums to share our ideas and points and resources on world helping issues eh? Thank you Spirit Universe, God, Goddesses, the internet, these forums, and YOU! he he.. Really a great blessing. Amen. Ashe! Aho. And so it is.

    Quantum healing love at a click's speed, yes!

    "AS LONG AS" my mom would say (correcting yo gramma!)

    Lordie lord, I personally think your belief, from reading your statement, is the exact problem. For a person to say "there will always be fights for fuel et food et cetera" is the exact problem. We have to train our brains to not use basic simplistic survival un-compassionate statements (and actions, beliefs, manifestations) instead enjoy the knowing it will all work out (lack of faith is a sin.. he he..). I know everyone thinks I'm silly, but as long as people say "they'll always be killing," well, .. DUH!!!

    As a musician I play certian vibes, musical mathematicals, for certain ears. We all set a vibe for any situation. We bring our sense of the world to our interactions. Humans need to stop the simplistic "terrorism" survival instinct behaviors.

    Why not just relish in the obvious truth that peace is more profitable and believe that as much as you can and show it to others and politely thank people who will blast your preconceptions by laying the obvious truths out.. thank you.. you're welcome.

    They tell us that corporate and government needs are ours. Lies. They use the word "we" in insidious ways. They PROJECT interests that aren't ours on us as if they are. They justify non-peace by acting like I want it and it is in my interests. Balderdash!!!!! Peace is profitable; and the only solution.

    Thank you for sharing of blessings of more and more people respecting and promoting this fact. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

    Moonrat love ya litebro! May the truth and indestructible party never stop!

    Love n light, Teo :cool: :cool:
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    well if you feel war is the best thing for you then you are free to go fight;just remember some of us aint like that.for the brave enough to do it-wish you all the best!
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    Teo1, I hear your hope, and artists are the leaders in finding peaceful sectors ("unacknowledged legislators of mankind", as Shelly said).

    There's an awful lot of old Adam in human beings, and it's not enough just to suppress it; you do that and it will just pop up again as damaging as ever in some direction you didn't expect. What we have to do is admit our violence, embrace it on behalf of peace, and transcend it without denying it. This is the toughest task any humans ever took on, but we have to believe it's doable.

    When I was young there were two books that went around; I and Thou by Martin Buber and The True Believer by Eric Hoffer. They gave my generation (the derided "silent generation") a slant on what it takes to be peaceful. Peace is NOT just the absence of war; it's a positive force in the people in and of itself. Maybe silence is a better choice than the noisy combativeness of the boomer generation.
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    Peace profits the whole. War profits factions. "The Market" knows this, and reacts. The biggest flaw of capitalism is that "the invisible hand", uncoordinated mass action of individuals acting in their enlightened self-interest, can never be strong enough to solve every problem. So, the market reacts, not by stopping war, which it can never do, but by preparing for it.

  9. Jun 6, 2004 #8
    Peace isn't just turning the other cheek!

    Thanks SelfAdjoint!

    I'm finding that this is my science, my hard fact technical programming challenge:

    BE PEACE and let it's emenation spread. You say very well what I've been trying to center on, letting the war wanting jerks to be noisy and loud, and just by example show that peace is so much more mature.

    It does sound nutty to do like Deepak Chopra whom I really admire says "Creat the growing global consciousness" but there is also a magic in this process.

    It is almost like peace is a great, flowing unity of awakened minds that each of us is a cell of; when we BE peace and compassionate awareness, the peace can live THROUGH us, and grow, manifesting in the best ways it needs to.

    Ideas like "retooling war people to useful functions," or "capping wealth," or "converting by being examples of technology used compassionately" will arise by themselves, the solutions will emerge by themselves as we simple allow people to see the obvious advantages to peace (the main one being we will survive!).

    I used to try and force people to see that peace is more profitable. I now live in the faith that it is not only more profitable but inevitable. Truly! In that light I thank you all deeply for joining my topic. We are peace in action; what fun!

    Love n light, Teo :devil: :grumpy: :rolleyes: :approve: :approve:
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