Pendulum Potential energy equation

  1. hello every one
    i have this pendulum:
    i need to stabilize the pendulum in the inverted position , i need to know the potential energy for the pendulum , i read several articles in each one i have a different equation :
    Now i'am really confused which equation is the correct one?
    Please help me
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  3. Doc Al

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    What are you taking as your reference level? (Where PE = 0.) The pivot? The gravitational PE is given by mgΔy, where Δy is measured from your chosen reference level. Using that you should be able to pick the correct formula.
  4. [itex]P.E=0[/itex] at the vertical position ([itex]\alpha=0[/itex] from the vertical line in the picture above), now which formula should i use :
  5. Doc Al

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    Using the vertical position as your reference, Δy will be negative for any nonzero angle. The second of those is the one you want.
  6. so:
    [itex]\Delta y=[/itex](center of mass level-reference level)
    not the other way around , am i correct?
  7. Doc Al

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    Δy is measured from the PE = 0 reference point. Another way to write the PE is mgy, where y is the vertical position of the center of mass and y = 0 is the PE = 0 point.

    Since you are choosing the reference level to be where the pendulum is vertical (the angle is zero) and thus the mass is at its highest point, all values for y and thus PE for non-zero angles will be negative since they are below that point.
  8. Now i understand , thank you very much for you kindly help,I'm very appreciative
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