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Pennytech Bicycle rack for a motorcycle

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    "Pennytech" Bicycle rack for a motorcycle

    i quess this can be the second part of a "Theme" of posting to present my little works of passion...

    first I'm sure many of you are going to think and express this is to dangerours,, well i have about 150,000 milles of riding using it with out any trouble, well the fact that i'm still here kind of proffs the point, so lets try to keep that part away and focus on the benefits.

    small background...
    i don't like cars, even if I spend many hours studing them for my industrial design work among other interests, i still don't like to be in them and I manage to never learn how to drive one (my own prerogative) for the last 12 years became a motorcycle rider after being a "Human power" propulsion vehicle my whole life plus i also move to the USA, were roads and nice (well nicer) and the distances to long to just ride my bicycle to get there.
    for a long time i found my self puzzle, "what do i do today..? ride my bike or my motorcycle..??"
    so i convine the two and now I'm a happy camper, well almost i need figure out a way to carry my tandem now (dual person bike) but is really long(longer that the motobike for sure) and heavy

    here are some fotos of my curent rack sistem

    this is how it looks when i'm really load it.

    I can carry a passanger and their bike, in fact i travel from california to utah,colorado, British columbia and mejico more than ones with my girlfriend(s) and her bike.

    I construct the sistem base on a "Palmtree" concept, a.k.a. Nothing in it is rigid and the bikes arem "Encorage" to move around (rock side to side) that way none of the loads from the bicycle gets transmited into the motorcycle, in fact the ride is quite pleasent and unevenful do to this feature.

    but to make it that way, i was force to find materials and shapes that will flex with out generating to many stress riser points and focal loads that can generate cracks or failures.

    Well,,, bicycle parts pretty much do it al the time, so the question now was were to find some "Donor" parts => no big deal if you work on a bicycle shop so I found some "Useless" parts and "when to town"

    I have no idea who this kid is, but i manage to provide Him with some smiles and a nice experince and that is all it counts in my book.

    much more to come if you gals and guys like to see...
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    Welcome, ricardo. I must say, I really like seeing this kind of stuff. This would seem to be the appropriate forum for it, rather than GD where a lot of the engineering types don't visit. You'll probably provide a lot of inspiration to others who like to cobble stuff together, as well as offer a different viewpoint on their project difficulties.
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    thanks Mister Danger...

    Like one of my old teachers use to say...
    "anybody can make a great meal with the best ingredients, the challenge is to make great food out of nothing special"

    someday i show you what i do for a living, is for sure not hack but still show the same amount of passion...

    well if you guys want to see more let me know.
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