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Percentage homework

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    solve this iq questions

    1)A health club has 600 members. 80% of them are males. 70% of the members use the swimming pool.60% of the members use the tennis courts.
    What is the minimum possible percentage of the total members who
    use the tennis courts and are also male swimmers?
    a. 0%
    b. 5%
    c. 10%
    d. 20%
    e. 60%
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    Make a Venn-diiagram:
    One circle for the swimmers, and one circle for the tennis -court players with an overlap.
    You can easily make an exact number of people who are in the tennis court, swimming pool and both by find each percentage, adding them and subtracting the total amount of members. Now, the overlap has a value of 180, the swimming pool a value of 240, and the tennis court a value of 180. You want the minimum possible percentage of total members who use the tennis court and are also male swimmers. This means that you must find out how few it males it can be in the overlap. It is room for 240+180=420 outside the overlap, but there are 480 males. So at least 60 males MUST be in the overlap (with the women). The percentage 60 is of 600 is 10%.
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    absoultly 10%
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    There's a straightforward logical approach that does not have to use venn diagrams. First, note that there are 360 members who play in Tennis Courts and 240 who don't, but 420 who swim. Hence there are at least 180 members who play in tennis courts and swim. Now there are 480 members who are men, but only 420 members who aren't either swimming or playing in tennis courts, or both, so out of the remaining 180 members, there must be at least 480 - 420 = 60 members who are men. Hence there are at least 60 members who are men, play in tennis courts and swim - 10%.
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