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Perception of other dimensions

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    Uneducated writer here looking for a discussion on the perception of other dimensions, including time:

    If the fabric of our universe is space/time, I understand that as humans, we can only really perceive space, that is I can see space all around me. However, I can only perceive this actual moment (the now) in time. I can remember the past, or imagine the future, but now is the only time I can perceive.

    If time is a dimension, and I was an alien able to perceive that dimension, what kind of perception would it be, do you think?
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    It will be whatever you want it to be in your story. As they say, paper is patient.

    There are no reliable answers to questions about "what is the scientific answer to non-scientific questions" or "what does science tell us about things outside of its realm".
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    I believe Kurt Vonnegut might provide some inspiration. Aliens who could see time as a physical dimension saw humans as long caterpillars, with a baby at the tail end and an old man at the head.

    Alternately, look to degenerate dimensions for analogies. Are you familiar with Flatland? 2 dimensional creatures who live on a plane. They cannot perceive - or even conceive of - a 3rd dimension. A cube to them is an infinitely thin slice in the shape of a square (or hexagon, depending on how the square is sliced).

    Imagine what would happen if they saw a cube's infinite number of slices all flattened into their plane? They'd see multiple polygons all overlapping.
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    I remember a book from my youth, William Sleator's The Boy Who Reversed Himself, which got into some higher spatial dimensions.
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    Your question reminds me of Einsteins thought process where he imagines travelling with a light beam.
    Did him a lot of good.
    Imagine living without a time dimension, able to communicate with your ancestors and decendants.
    Sounds "primative" tribe under the influence of mind altering drugs.
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