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Percolation threshold

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    I have two questions related to statistical physics or particle physics, could somebody help ?If this is not the right place for these questions, please advise.

    1 What does 'percolation threshold' means for a system of particles?

    2 What is "periodic boundary" in a particulate system? Is it perfect for removing the effect of boundary?

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    periodic boundary conditions are used in bulk systems when the effects of the boundary are negligible.

    I don't know what you mean by perfect. It is of course simply an approximation that, depending on the specific situation, may work well or not so well.
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    Sorry for using the confusing word 'perfect'. Normally, we wish to study real material behaviour, but under a given boundary it is then hard to say whether the behaviour is caused by the boundary. Therefore, the fundemental character you got/observed from such a system may not be what you want.In case the periodic boundary, such a problem does not exist, but there seems other problems such as how to deal with the corner at the periodic cell (boundary).

    Note: the system is one consisting of a lot of particles, or you can imagine the system is one consisting of a lot of moleculars,or you can also imagine the system is a REV (RVE), i.e. representative volume element.

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