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question 1)

If a simple harmonic oscillation is described by the function

x = A sin (wt + phi)

would phi be the opposite of what it would be for a SHM described by the function

x = A cos (wt + phi)

I.e if the graph for for x = A sin (wt + phi) , when t = 0, x = +A. would phi be equal to pi instead of 0( as it would for x = A cos (wt + phi)

question 2)

For a mass m attached to a spring that undergoes simple harmonic motion, The spring
constant is k.

Does the elastic potential energy ever equal the kinetic energy at one point x?

this isnt a hw question, just my curiosity..

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1. If [tex] x = A\sin(\omega t + \phi) [/tex] and [tex] x = +A [/tex] at [tex] t = 0 [/tex], then [tex] A = A\sin(\phi) [/tex].

So [tex] \phi = \frac{\pi}{2} [/tex]
thanks alot!

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