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Phase spaces

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    often in my differentail equations class i took last semester we frequently evaluated 2nd order systems, they could easily be calculuted in MATLAB using pplane6, however pplane6 can only solve systems of 2nd order or less, cuz as its name says its a phase plane, meaning it can only evaluate the relationship between two variables simultaneously. Often in my dynamics class i find that I need to evaluate 3 states when working in three dimensions and always have to choose a numerical value for one of my variables and then evaluate the phase plane at that point, does anyone out there know of any software that can analyze and graphically interperet a 3rd order system of higher?
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    I know that what I am going to say to you is not going to like you too much. But if you want to learn more, write your own codec in Matlab. Your class companions will treat you with a lot of respect. :rofl:

    This is said by someone tired of searching Matlab programes in internet. I never found what I am looking for (Hey! it sounds to me as a U2 song).
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