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Phased antenna array equations

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    What are the equations for a phased antenna array due to:

    1. Individual element gain and the number of elements
    2. Aperture of the array

    I have been googling these for god knows how long and can't find the slightest hint, except the site Microwaves 101 (http://www.microwaves101.com/), which left out the f-ing equation I described in number one. I am building a phased array radio telescope for the UHF band (out of TV antennas) and am in dire need of these equations. Thanks, ls.
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    There's some math and other links at the wikipedia.org entry:


    I haven't worked with arrays much, but my Antenna book by Stutzman and Thiele has a pretty good section in it. Do you have access to this book, or any other antenna books?
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