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PhD in Semiconductor Devices/VLSI/Device Physics

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    I am planning to join M.S in MIS/IS next year.

    For e.g:-i)http://mays.tamu.edu/info/prospective/undergraduate/mis/
    ii)http://business.uc.edu/programs/graduate/ms-is/academics.html [Broken]

    Is it possible to pursue a phd in Semiconductor Devices/VLSI/Device Physics after this? Or, an MS in computer science/engineering/ece/physics is preferred/required for it?:
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    What is your undergrad? If you undergrad is physics, EE, or similar then you have a good basis for doing a PHD in semiconductor/VLSI/device physics. Getting a Masters in some other subject will not change that.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    My undergrad is in Electrical Engineering (focused on power systems).

    So, I can go for a phd in PhD in Semiconductor Devices/VLSI/Device Physics after masters right?

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