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Philosophy: Is God timeless? (NOT A RELIGION THREAD)

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    Rule 1) Absolutely no religious references, only spiritual and philosophical
    Rule 2) God may be discussed in this thread
    Rule 3) God is not a person, physical being, or anything with any type of anthropomorphic traits for the purpose of this discussion (i.e. does not talk and certainly does not intervene with anything that takes place in the universe, at least since the big bang)
    Rule 4) We are assuming there is God (whatever you'd like it to be; yes God is self-defined for the purpose of this discussion)
    Rule 5) Don't flame, especially not me please haha.
    Rule 6) Moderators: I didn't read the forum rules out of shear laziness so...hehe....don't take this off please :D

    I'm sorry if it looks like I'm trying to tell you what to believe in, that's not my intention. I'm putting my religion aside for this argument, so please please please follow the rules.

    Alright, this thread is for men and women of science who would like to explore God through what we believe we know about the Universe. It is also for men and women of spirituality or philosophy who would like to explore the Universe through your beliefs in God.

    That being said, I'll give a little more direction because I'm a little confused myself.

    Ex: Scientific questions and standpoint
    The Big Bang (most prominent cosmology creation theory) demonstrates that there was a beginning to the start of time. Is God, which is being assumed to be real, everything within the known universe? If the universe ended would God end? Or is God timeless; was God around before the beginning of time, will be here after "time" ends; and does God encompass more than the observable universe? (i.e. other universes expressed in higher-order dimensions,"nothingness")

    Ex: Spiritual/Philosophical questions and standpoint
    God, to me and/or according to [insert philosopher, sage, mathematician, historical culture here] is [insert explanation]. How does the universe reflect upon this viewpoint? Where did God come from? What makes up God? Is God a collection of thoughts, subconsciousness between humans, all living things, all living things minus mosquitoes because everyone hates them, nature, Mother Earth, the known physical universe, all types of energy in the known universe, the entire scope of the observable universe, or everything and nothing that has, will, and does exist? What is our roll in God and how vast is God?

    If you have bared with me this far, thank you :)

    Anything ranging from addressing the questions above, asking new questions, and providing any type of Philosophical, Spiritual, or Scientific insight would be much appreciated.

    Let's get an awesome discussion going. Go!
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    God is created by human beings. So God will be alive only up to the time human beings live in this Universe.
  4. Jun 15, 2010 #3
    Thanks :D these are the kind of insights I'm looking for.

    For future posts, everyone embellish a little more!
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    haha i spent too long writing this XD. I'll bump it once and see if I get more responses. If not I'll let it follow it's destiny to the oblivion of threads after page 2 haha.
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    my thoughts .....

    Existence of GOD is a matter of 'faith' - it cannot be 'proven' or 'known' as a result of experience or logic.
    One's experience or logic can be the basis of faith, but does not override the need for faith.

    Jay Kosta
    Endwell NY USA
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    I think God is just something we, as humans, created as a scapegoat of sorts. Not just a scapegoat of course, but it's the only word I can seem to think of to describe it.

    Humans NEED someone to blame for mistakes or failures. They NEED someone to praise with thanks for something good happening. God is more of a tool for keeping people happy. If something went wrong, it's ok because it wasn't anyone's fault, it was just the will of God. If something just happens to work, God happens to be saying that's a good thing to do, so keep doing it. People with high authority (such as kings, pharoahs and emporers) would be the largest contributer to this effect. They want people to follow them, so rather than take the blame for anything bad, God takes his or her place. They could use God as a reason for people to keep following them, even to the extent of threatening them with God punishing them. I digress here though.

    In summary, God isn't an object, or a force, or anything physical in any sense. I believe God is juat a mindset, or habit. As long as people need someone to follow, or need someone to blame, God will always be here.
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    Well these are very interesting. They are also very similar haha. This thread is kind of analogous to asking "what do you think of the health care reform?" on a democratic or republican forums page haha. Maybe I'll take this question to a philosophy forum.
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    Math Is Hard

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    I think this is better suited for a theology forum. Even with all the rules imposed in the OP (thanks for trying), I think there are too many questions to make a focused topic here. It's almost a "So, what do you think about God?" thread.

    Also, your last set of questions seem to be inviting discussion of specific religious beliefs, and as you'll see in the guidelines, we avoid that here.

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