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Photomagnetic effect

  1. Jan 27, 2013 #1
    I have a fair bit of idea about photo magnetic effect. But, after several hours of googling I am not able to find a material which exhibits photomagnetic effect. I just wanted to know if photomagnetic effect is possible in normal room temperature conditions, because I came across a thread saying photomagnetic effect is possible at -259 degree Celsius.
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    What you are looking is called a magneto-optic effect. In particular, the Faraday effect
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    Thanks for the reply
    Is Magneto-Optic effect is a phenomenon where light passed through a material produces magnetic field?. I just wanted to know about a material which should produce a magnetic field when light is passed through it in normal temperature surroundings.
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    Could you post a link to the low-temperature article?
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