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Photon state

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    I have few questions to ask:

    1. Can a photon state be written as
    |ψ> = [cos(θ) sin(θ) exp(i*ø)] in column vector form

    2. When a general photon state|ψ> = [cos(θ) sin(θ) exp(i*ø)] passes through a linear polarizer [1 0; 0 0] we get [cos(θ) 0] at the output but not [1 0] as is usually found in text book

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    Simon Bridge

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    Presumably you mean to describe only the polarization state of the photon.
    You should realize that x and y directions are meaningless without a polarizer.
    You appear to be trying to resolve the classical and quantum descriptions of polarization - this should be done via the correspondence principle.

    ... you need to scroll right down to the bottom to get to the QM version of linear and circularly polarized light.
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