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Physics and/or chemistry science book for a high school student

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    I want to improve my scientific language and broaden my vocabulary, what will for sure help me in writing my physics and chemistry essays. Can You recommend me any book, which kind I mentioned in the topic?
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    If you have finished high school level, I think you can try Giancoli Physics (algebra version)
    and Zumdahl Chemistry. If you have learned calculus, you can try fundamentals of physics by halliday/resnick/walker (or any other versions of that book).

    Those are recommended by a lot of people I believe, and I am using Giancoli myself and it is a good book.

    Oh wait, reading back on your post, I am not sure if it will broaden your vocabulary per say,,,,
    You can always read about other scientists and read the history of physics. That can give you some ideas on how physics and chemistry have progressed. I felt I learned a lot by reading books about newton/einstein/faraday and so forth.
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    I am a junior in HS (11th grade) and we are doing calculus right now on maths lessons. I don't really want to read books about the history of science or a biography of a given scientist, I am rather interested in books about particular branches of science like mechanics, thermal properties, electricity or aerodynamics. Do You still think that any of mentioned by You books is good for me? If not, any alternatives? I want to study aerospace engineering so any science book connected with it will be appreciated.
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    It is too early to start on particular branches. Just like you can't learn quadratic formulas before you learn your addition/multiplication. So you must first learn the basics of the field by studying those text books that I have recommended. Also, if you search this forum, there are many many book recommendations on specific field.
    Good luck
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