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Homework Help: Physics and Tecnology of Radiations

  1. Mar 21, 2009 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    this is the problem:

    Y ≈ [ 3×10^-4 Z (T/mec^2) ] / [ 1 + 3×10^−4 Z (T/mec2) ]

    this fraction gives us the aproach energy lost by an electron from stopping radiation.
    For beta particles emitted by 204Tl calculate the average value of energy lost by electron under the form of stopping radiation.

    2. Relevant equations && 3. The attempt at a solution

    Well, they give us this website to check the beta radiation from that component http://ie.lbl.gov/toi/nuclide.asp?iZA=810204" ( in the end of the page ). I suppose that i must do the average between the 29% particles with 347.5 Kev and the 97% with 763.72 Kev of energy. then i also know how to calculate de kinetic energy like T = E - mc^2
    okay. know, radiation energy is like onde portion of the lost energy. the other part is colisional right? i can't just figure out what portion of energy is lost by radiation coz that Z ( atomic number) is not given, since is it suppose to be for any material.
    I am a little stucked up, can anyone help me?

    ( sorry for my bad english, i hope that i made myself clear enough for you to understand :x )

    Thanks : )
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