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Physics Experiment Query

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    This is not really an assignment but more of a help, serious help =3

    *We were asked to design our own experiment and do it. It's for our defense. Since last month, our proposals were rejected for 5 times now. It's frustrating me since i am the leader and the members, even though they've helped me with the research, started feeling that they're gonna fail and they wont graduate. Ya know, we are senior high school students and were to graduate on March and the defense thingy are normally for college. I need help, otherwise, my chances to graduate are low...as in.*

    To all that will help, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it, really.

    Enough drama, let's move on

    Our choices/options to experiment (only 1's needed):
    - Energy, Work and Power
    - Waves and Vibration
    - Light
    - Sound
    - Newton's Law of Motions
    - Vectors

    [Experiment Title/Name]
    I.*Problem (can only be solved thru experiment. If it can be answered with no experiment, it is auto-reject @.@)
    II. Abstract
    IV. *Materials/ Apparatus
    V. *Procedure
    VI. Data and Results
    VII. Computations including Error Computations
    VIII. Analysis
    IX. Conclusion
    X. *Application
    (Let me handle this)
    XI. Recommendation
    (Let me handle this)
    XII. * Reference

    Note: Should include computations otherwise, it's auto-reject.

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    Why were they rejected?
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    Problems were solvable without performing the experiment.
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    How about simulating the effects of earthquake waves(transverse and longitudinal)on skyscrapers?You could have an attachment fixed to a board into which you slot rigid wires of different lengths.The board could be set into vibrations by means of a vibration generator fed by a variable frequency power supply.There are loads of variables you could test.Its just a thought.
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