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Physics Extended Essay Suggestions

  1. Feb 25, 2013 #1
    I am a high school student who is extremely passionate about physics. As part of the IB program, I need to pick a question and write an extended essay by next September using about 40 hours to write approximately 4,000 words. I chose physics for my subject area, and would appreciate some suggestions for a viable question that I could research and write about given these restraints. The question should be something that I can research with local equipment and needs to pertain to something in the course outline. The course outline is at this link: http://www.haef.gr/gr/pcl/ib/physics.pdf [Broken], starting on page 43.

    Thank you!
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    Are you going to give us credit for any help that you receive here?
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    When you say, "research with local equipment", are you supposed to perform an experiment? Also, what's your mathematical background?
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    @jtbell - I don't have any experience with citing forums, but I'll make sure to credit these forums in the final bibliography.

    @bossman27 - Yes, for the scientific subject areas (chemistry, biology, physics) each student is supposed to perform an experiment on their topic. Local equipment just means whatever I can access directly - preferably household or high school level equipment. I am currently taking AP Calculus BC/IB Math HL.
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    I think what jtbell was getting at is that, according to what you posted, you need to pick the question.
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