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Physics for Scientists & Engineers by Tipler & Mosca

  1. Dec 15, 2007 #1
    "Physics for Scientists & Engineers" by Tipler & Mosca

    I don't know if anyone here owns the text book "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" 6th edition by Paul Tipler and Gene Mosca, I'm using it for my 1st year physics course at durham.
    In it there are serveral sections including "Modern Physics: Quantum mechanics, Reletivity, and the Structure of Matter" in this section there are numerous relevant chapters with associated chapter numbers but no page numbers (unlike the other chapters). It's the last section in the book so i looked in the area after the penultimate section and discovered it was missing.

    Is it supposed to be? I couldn't find it in a different part of the book.
    The section breakdown was presented before the full contents, this section also cannot be found in the full contents.

    Does anyone else own this book and find the same section missing? Or can anyone tell me why it doesn't exist.
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    I don't have the book as I used Serway at Newcastle, but I suspect its not supposed to be like that. If nobody else confirms that on here, i'd take it back to the book shop where they can compare it to another copy and perhaps exchange it. I once had a copy of Turton's 'The Physics of Solids, and the back half of the book had every other double page missing. I took it back and got it exchanged for a complete book.

    I guess that this occasionally happens at the printers.
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    I assume you mean those chapters are listed in the table of contents, but are not actually in your copy of the book. Do you have the paper-bound version that comes in three volumes? Volume 1 is classical mechanics, volume 2 is electricity and magnetism and optics, and volume 3 is modern physics. If I remember correctly (I don't have my copies at hand here at home), each volume has a summary table of contents for the whole series, even though it actually contains only part of the series. Maybe there's a combined version of volumes 1 and 2 that similarly includes a summary table of contents for volume 3.
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    I have an older version of Tipler. In the front there is a table that shows a few different printings: The Full version has 6 chapters of modern physics at the end. The standard version (my version) has two chapters of modern physics. Then there are two volumes printed separately that do not have any modern physics in them.

    So it pretty much follows what JTBell said. My copy didn't list a third volume though.
  6. Dec 23, 2007 #5
    Well there's 2 contents' one is more breif and names the missing chapters in it, the other is more detailed and does not contain the chapters.
    I do not have the paper-bound one, I have one rather large hard-back book about 1200-1300 pages.
    There is only 8 chapters (1 part) missing in a total of 41 chapters (6 parts) (including said missing chapters)
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