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Physics Study in Gap Time after High School Suggestion

  1. Jun 18, 2013 #1
    Hi all,

    I would like to know if you guys could suggest me what's the best way to fill my free time (six months) between graduating high school and entering university. I will be taking Bachelor of Science with major in Physics. I also have plan to continue my study further if possible. However I don't know exactly what's the best way to spend my free time in the mean time. I really wish I don't forget most of the materials taught in high school. (UK A Level standard)

    Should I start to read college introductory text-books such as University Physics and perhaps also mathematical text-books to advance my knowledge? If yes, what are your suggested syllabus? Is it necessary to read through the basic again or should I just follow the syllabus of basic physics undergraduate? (such as those listed in IOP website)

    Thank you for your time

    P.S: I also want to know what do you think if one takes language or music course in addition to that?
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    I would suggest any introductory college text book, Serway & Jewitt are great. As for course syllabus, you could look on MIT open course where and search for introductory courses to physics (classical) and Calculus 1 classes and work your way from there. They have a great syllabus to follow for each class. Some even have video taped lecture videos. Also, there is nothing wrong with taking a couple electives to switch things up! Goodluck!
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    Thank you very much guys, I'll surely look at all of the given links. :)

    Do any of you has experience in facing the same situation as mine? If yes I'd like to know what did you do also.
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    I'm actually in the exact same position as you, given I start university this upcoming fall. In preparation for first year (and just simply for excitement), I am studying directly from first-year calculus, linear algebra and physics textbooks. I hope to at least obtain an overview of the main notions/theorems outlined in these books.
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    Alright I'll try to read some of the preliminary materials. Thank you!
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