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Physics to engineering grad school

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    been lurking on these forums a while and have seen a few threads about people going from physics to engineering grad school but i have a few more specific questions if anyone wants to help out

    anyways, i'm in a university program that allows me to get my commercial pilots license as well as my bachelor of science with an emphasis in physics. i had the opportunity to do an engineering degree as well, but decided I would stick with this program because I wanted to fly and physics was "close enough" to engineering.

    I'm interested in going to grad school and doing a masters in something like aerospace engineering or engineering physics. I know that its possible to go from physics to engineering, but I'm wondering what areas of physics I should concentrate in. Its hard because the aerospace field has a lot of different sectors, and I'm not sure how much courses like quantum mechanics apply. Any advice from anyone in a similar situation or who is maybe studying in those areas would be a great help.

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