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PHysics (Torque?) problem BAFFLING!!!

How close to the edge of the table can the person sit on the end of the table without the table tipping over?
.5m..l......1.2 m.........l .5m
The whole length of the table is 2.2 meters and weighs 20 kilograms. From the leg of the table to the edge of the table is .5 meters
The person weighs 66 kilograms.
So far, i've tried using the following methods:
Sum of Torques({T) = 0
{T = -Ta + Tc - Tp = 0
But ... i'm kind of lost still on where to start... can someone helllllp?


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First find the COM. Then write an equation for when the sum of the touques is 0. The axis of rotation would be the leg of the table closest to the person.


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1) Include Forces on your diagram AT the PLACE where it is applied (center)
2) Decide where the axis of rotation would be if it DID start to tip.
3) Decide which sense of rotation you want to call "positive" (counterclockwise)
4) List the sum of torques, like you did, (what do "a" and "c" stand for?)
5) Compute each torque (if it's zero, write 0) ; add them up.

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