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Physics undergrad -> ph.D Mech E

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    So I will graduate in a few weeks with a B.Sc. in physics and I will begin my phD studies in the fall in mechanical engineering. Paticularly, my research will be in materials. Can anyone shead some light on this transition? I understand that there will be loads of work and some makeup classes, etc. What Im really interested in, is has anyone done this before? What was most difficult? How did you cope with not being from an Mech E undergrad dept?

    I Asked this in the academic forum awhile ago and got no responce so Im asking in here this time.
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    I don't think it will be half as bad as you think. Because you did physics, you might be better off.
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    Depending on what aspect of materials you are focusing in, your probably won't even be tell that you're getting a degree in ME and not physics.
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    I believe my research is in the area of material fatigue. Something along the lines of how microscopic cracks grow and expand and cause breakdown....
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