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Physics undergrad to Optics grad

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    I was wondering if there was any particular difficulty in going from a Physics undergraduate program to graduate program in Optics/Photonics. Let's say to an Optics college such as the one at UCF (http://www.creol.ucf.edu/)

    I still have my upper level Physics classes to take so is there any information I should be aware of for applying?

    Is there any kind of information out there for the competitiveness for Optics/Photonics programs?
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    I know 3 people who finished a BS in physics with the Optics specialization from UCF that were all accepted to CREOL with GPA's in the 3.7 range and some minor research. I'm a third year student in the same degree program and I have talked to many grad students and faculty there who advised me that it would be wise to at least take some of the upper-level optics courses outlined in the undergraduate catalog for physics' specialization section.

    Send me a pm if you have any other questions, I can just go there and ask them (if you don't live close by), it would benefit me as well.
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