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Physics vs EE vs Optical Sci/Engineering

  1. Apr 24, 2012 #1
    Whats the job market like for someone with only an undergrad B.S. in say Physics vs EE vs Optical Sci/Engineering? I'm especially intersted in optical design opportunities around North America.
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    The short answer is the job market isn't particularly great for either of these majors assuming you possess only a bachelors and have no additional exposure to other fields.

    A bachelors in physics usually requires extensive exposure to another field such as computer science or engineering for entry level work in technology and industry. You almost certainly won't be employed as a physicist but rather as an engineer or software developer which well, won't really use much of your physics coursework. A physics bachelors alone without a concentration in a more marketable subject is not very employable.

    A quick look at the Bureau of Labour Statistics shows that job growth for electrical engineering is fairly stagnant and will receive little to no growth over the next decade, which of course does not mean there are no jobs but that jobs will open up from people shifting companies and retiring rather than industry expansion. EEs have by far the best job opportunities in biotech and software engineering, which happen to be the #1 and #2 fastest growing jobs in America, respectively. In classically EE fields like electronics and semiconductors the job market is has been drying up for years now.

    I'm not sure about optical science or optical design job opportunities.
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