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Planck unit of time

  1. Apr 23, 2015 #1
    I'm reading Julian Barbour the end of time..I don't know if It's a good reading..
    According to Planck unit of time (5.39121 × 10^−44 seconds), could the universe be said to have a "frame rate" and "snapshots" (as Julian Barbour mentions) could exist? (and, incidentally, Zeno's arrow paradox would have a possible solution?)
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    It is possible that the universe has a "frame rate" and "snapshots", and if it does, the time granularity will probably be of about the same order of magnitude as the Plank time... but there's no particular proof one way or another. It's an interesting speculation, not settled science. The wikipedia article on "Planck time" makes this clear, as does the last post in this thread.

    Professional scientists are allowed to speculate about this stuff and their speculations are more interesting and much better grounded than most people's. So there's nothing wrong with Barbour's book - just remember that he didn't write it to be a textbook.

    The paradox of Zeno's Arrow was solved long ago, so new discoveries about the structure of the universe at the Planck scale aren't needed to explain it. The arrow moves whether the universe is granular at that scale or not.
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    Thank you for answering
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