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Plane crash during air show in Płock, Poland

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    (it starts with ads, commentary doesn't make much sense, as journalist knows nothing about aerobatics and planes)

    So far no information about pilot, Marek Szufa (one of the best aerobatics pilots in Poland, with international succeses), he was taken to hospital after long resuscitation on the Wisła bank.

    Edit: there is an official confirmation from the hospital he is still alive. Problem is, it took 20 minutes to get the body from the water.
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    Looks like the pilot knew exactly what was going on, and made a spectacular effort to get out of a very difficult situation.
    In my interpretation he went up, took his bearings, found the best spot to go to (water, no bystanders) and made a near perfect landing in as short a time possible, showing his superior skills in handling the plane.

    I do hope he got out of it himself!
    Please let us know if you find out!
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    I'm sorry to hear just now that Marek Szufa has died. RIP
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