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Planets around red dwarfs

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    This link got me thinking. Has anyone else read Trader to the Stars by Poul Anderson? He describes an alien ecosystem around a red dwarf star where the life has adapted to the frequent solar flares and everything has learned to take cover when the flares come. Somebody was thinking ahead!
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    All sci fi writers think ahead by studying current scientific trends and theories and extrapolating to the near or far future. Andersen is really no exception.
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    Anderson generally took his world-building seriously and tried to get the physically relevant facts right.
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    All hard sci fi writers do that my friend. I have read Anderson mind you. Had an anthology of his short stories where he also delved into soft sci fi and fantasy and where the whimsical of the imagination predominated. I can provide the titles of his soft sci fi stories mixed with fantasy that he wrote if you wish. Started one of his novels but could not tolerate his rapid-fire introduction of wild-looking exotic creatures with difficult-to-remember names so I discarded it. Neither did I find his fantasies which mixed aliens with space-faring knights very convincing.

    Here is an example:

    Three Hearts and Three Lions
    It is also a 1953 novella by Poul Anderson which appeared in Fantasy & Science Fiction

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