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Plastic planet

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    What are some of the more unusual planetary compositions you can imagine? I envisioned a planet embodying exuded, colorful petro-plastics - like a "Lego Land." Earth itself is pretty strange with its lifeforms. I guess science fiction is replete with creative orbs.
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    I like this subject -one doesn't talk about the composition of imaginary planets too often. At least I don't. I think a planet made entirely out of smooth, polished-looking glass and crystal would be amazing. There could be giant, 200 plus foot crystals of different hues jutting out of the ground, caverns of glass, and entire mountains, valleys, and tree-like formations made of perfectly transparent glass. It would still have a molton core and geomagnetic dynamo... the only difference would be that it would consist of liquid crystal. I can imagine how spectacular a sunrise and sunset would be on a world like that... blinding, but amazing none the less, that is if it had an atmosphere like ours. How a world like this would form, I can't say. It is an interesting thought though.
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    I'd read about a diamond the size of Earth making up the core of Jupiter. Imagine if it got ejected, (don't ask how, 'tis Science Fiction) and took up an orbit near Earth? It would certainly be bigger than the Ritz.
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    Like Our Moon And Phobos

    I'd think that they might be made of a similar mineral/chemical composition of that of our Moon, and one of Mars' moons (Phobos).

    What I mean is, that there would be high amounts of Neptunium 237-239 present. More than that allowed by radioactive decay (sorry for not clarifying that Muster Mark(3)).
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