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Play With Quarks

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    Excuse my ignorance, but who is Klaas de Wit, net search does not give answer in English, please help.
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    Are you really using those Marlon ?

    It seems useful and I'd like to be able to draw those strange graphs in everyday calculations, taht would impress the mainstream physicists. But I am afraid the formalism is not very intuitive and it is gonna be difficult to learn.
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    Why would it be difficult ???

    I mean, playing with quarks is real easy. The only thing you need to know are the different quark-properties and the valid conservation laws like colour neutrality or conservation of baryonnumber and so on...

    These graphs or just a way of representation, a bit like the QED-Feynmanndiagrams.

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    where is the webmaster

    your link seems not to be working for several hours ! This is frustrating :mad:
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    strange, the site seems to work out here...

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    The site also works with me
    maybe it was just down for a little while
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