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Homework Help: Please help with Radical expressions project

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    I have a project in which I need to write a paper on how radical expressions are used in careers. I can think of plenty of careers that use radical expressions, the problem is, no matter how much I research I can't find anything on <i>how</i> they are used. I have tried to find mathematics of modern combat and/or paintballing, but I have found nothing on radical expressions in these.
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    What's a radical expression? Like square roots and cube roots and such? So you are looking for equations that involve radicals that are used a lot in every-day life?

    Like, VRMS = 2 * SQRT(2) * Vpp ?

    (the RMS voltage is 2 * SQRT(2) * the peak-to-peak voltage)

    That gets used a lot in engineering applications. Engineering is real-life, isn't it?
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