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Please, Let me know about B.Sc. Physics with space science.

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    Please, Let me know about B.Sc. physics with space science
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    Google is your friend. You will be able to find a variety of universities with a variety of BSc degrees. There also used to be a variety of university guides that you could obtain. Probably our local library will have them if you can't afford to buy them. Also there are magazines like Physics Today and similar titles that will tell you interesting things about various universities.


    Google up some schools you might like. Then find out their email address and ask them various questions. Probably you can get a lot of good info from their web site.

    Also look for things like what the school's costs, admission requirements, residency requirement, what scholarships exist because you have to apply to be considered, what opportunity for employment exists for students, and ask them if there is anything else you should know or be thinking about.
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