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PLF > 109% possible?

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    Is it possible for a power plant to attain a PLF of about 109 - 110%? Gas, coal, nuclear any plant technology, anywhere in the world?
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    What is "plf"?
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    Plant Load Factor
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    As I understand it, PLF is calculated as the ratio of the actual power output to the maximum power output, integrated over some period of time. In that case, a PLF means that it's putting out more than the maximum, which is by definition impossible.
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    It depends on what you mean by "maximum load"? The plant will have been sold with a design maximum load and will probably be able to excede that value, so if you take the design maximum as the maximum load yes you might be able to get a PLF of greater then 100%
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    PLF is the design power-plant electrical Plant Load Factor, which may allow for worst-case summer loads where the ambient temperature is high and cooling is less efficient (~60% of Btu's go to waste heat), and the heating in HV transmission lines (and the associated sag in the catenaries) is less. So perhaps on a cold winter's night, it may be permissible. 100% PLF is not a physical limit. It may depend on power factor (volt-amps/watts).
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