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Polarization by quarter-wave plates

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    Can anyone direct me to manufacturers/suppliers of the complete setup for the Polarization by Quarter-wave Plates Experiment? I have already found one: PHYWE Systeme (Germany) - http://www.phywe.com/461/pid/26331/Polarisation-durch-Lambda-Viertel-Plaettchen-.htm" [Broken], but I need at least two more.
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    I do not think there are that many suppliers that offer the whole setup as a kit. If the only reason why you are interested in additional manufacturers is that you are from a German university and just need to show three offers from different suppliers to your administration, I suggest to find two other suppliers who offer all the needed parts, but not as a whole "kit" and just add all the prices for the single components. Thorlabs and Newport should have all of the stuff you are looking for.
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