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Polarization modulation spectrum

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    hello all. If one uses polarization modulation of radio waves does this imply a broad frequency spectrum knowing the carrier frequency and amplitude remain the same only the direction of the electric field is being changed ?
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    Whether you have a broad frequency spectrum or not is determined by how fast you can change the polarization. I strongly suspect that if you are modulating the polarization without modulating the carrier, a spectrum analyzer with an antenna of constant polarization e.g. vertical, will show sidebands as if the carrier was amplitude modulated.

    You need to check the FCC regulations for whatever frequency or frequency band you're thinking of using. The regulations do permit spread spectrum emissions in certain bands. There may also be restrictions on the type of spread spectrum allowed. If you are thinking of experimenting, you should get either an amateur license or an experimental license.

    You can also contact the FCC directly with your questions.

    From http://esupport.fcc.gov/index.htm?job=contact_fcc_support

    We encourage all of our visitors to browse Support by Topic prior to contacting the FCC.
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