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Polynomial Division

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    I can't seem to get it... I need some help with 2 of the problems below:

    x^3 + 4x^2 - 3x - 12
    x^2 - 3


    -x^3 + 75x - 250
    x + 10

    I've tried tutorials and everything, I can get a few but these are just a little tricky for me.

    Any help is appreciated. :)
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    What exactly are you suppose to do?

    Simplify into a polynomial?
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    Thanks for the reply! I'm suppose to divide them. Thanks. :)
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    I think you should look again at your book to see how one can divide a polynomial by another polynomial.
    Or you can look here. It shows you how to divide polynomials, and also provides some examples. From there, you can do the 2 problems, right? :smile:
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