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Pondered her claim And shook his head

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    but it is not mine

    but i like it

    The Innocence Fades

    There were two young children
    Who played every day
    Over time, they fell in love
    Until the girl had to go away

    He watched her go
    His heart was sad
    And he felt like
    Part of him had gone mad

    Over time he grew old
    And his body was tired
    He knew that his years
    Were nearly expired

    He was home alone, reading
    When a knock arrived on his door
    He answered, and there stood
    The girl he had pined for

    She told him the story
    Of her life away
    And how she had to leave
    But had wanted to stay

    She told of a debt
    Her father owed
    Of a lack of income
    And a lost safe code

    How she needed
    To marry a man
    And if she hadn’t
    The destruction he planned

    But now he was dead
    Where such evil belonged
    She’d live with him now
    Like she should’ve all along

    He listened to her patiently
    And then shut his door
    Picked up his book
    And listened no more

    He pondered her claim
    And shook his head
    There was only one explanation
    To himself he said,

    “Books or fables
    I’ve read them all
    And of those tales
    There were none so tall.”
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    Re: poem

    Thats sad. Pathetic really. No offense, maybe its because the poem is really good.
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    Re: poem

    do any one can write some thing like this...
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    Re: poem

    poetry is emotion put into words. It may seem pathetic to one person, but to another who can relate, or to the author its not at all. I personally liked this poem even if it is sad.
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    Re: poem

    The people who hate poetry are just unfeeling simpletons.
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