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Possible ebay fraudulent email

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    I just received the following email;

    Well I tried to copy and paste it, but the whole email is a link, and I cannot copy the text. The jist of the email was saying that I needed to verify personal info. After following the link and signing in to my account it asked me for my cretit card info.....At this point I immediatly left the site and logged into ebay and changed my password. This seems to be an obvious scam, and anyone getting a similar mail should foward the email to spoof@ebay.com as I have done.

    Edit; i just got a reply from ebay stating that it is definatly a spoof and not something they sent. I should have known this immediatly, and am disapointed in myself for not recognizing it before I used my pass word. Live and learn, I hope this helps some of you avoid any problems.
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    I have been getting similar spoof emails that appear to be from ebay and paypal.
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    Most major corporations have now made it a policy to never link you to their website for personal information requests. This is especially true for ebay or paypal. They supposedly will simply tell you go log into ebay by yourself.
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    If you go there, you can download a toolbar that automatically blocks known phishing sites and ranks all sites based on reliability. In general, you can get a pretty good idea from the domain name, and you should also know that no legitimate site is ever going to e-mail you asking you to confirm information like that. Most sites even tell you when you sign up that they never will (much as a bank says that they will never call asking you for your PIN).
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