Courses Possible to complete senior high school algebra&geometry course w/ 3 weeks cramming?

  1. Hey,

    I am a high school dropout.
    (Before you shoot me, I'll note that I went on to college and did well. I'm in my final semester now.)

    Last August I signed up for the final high school credit I require to graduate. The work is all correspondence with the exception of a written exam on the final day (August 10th). I drop off my work as soon as its done (20 lessons total) and they mark the units (unit is a group of 5 lessons).

    I have 20-21 days free coming up. And, because I signed up for the algebra&geometry last summer before it was no longer offered, I must have it completed within 1 year (this August 10th, 2005)

    Basically I want to hear if you think I can cram it and learn that fast (20-21 days). I don't have a job, have very little responsibilities and will only have a short english essay (1100 words) to write during that time period.

    I did calculus last summer using the same route (correspondence) but spread it out a fair amount with my other engagements. Luckily that "refreshed" my mathematical skills in the years I was away from high school. Do note that I have forgotten much since last summer, though. Well... maybe "rusted" rather than forgot completely.

    I think it's doable. I'm apprehensive because I'm a little nervous and getting a little worried about the pressure :tongue: I think I'm just asking for support :rofl:

    Edit: If you're wondering, its OAC Algebra&Geometry in Ontario Canada. OAC was our grade 13 offered up until a few years ago.
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    If you have already passed a calculus course, you certainly ought to be able to do a high school algebra course without difficulty.
  4. I am in complete agreement.
  5. Why do you need to graduate from high school? Is it because it is required to graduate from college? - Because it would be pretty cool to say, in the future when you become succesful, that you were a high school dropout.
  6. My high school history teacher for three years always told the class his life story each year. About how he was was a high school dropout who went off to Flin Flon, Manitoba to play for the Bombers junior hockey team (Fyi Philadelphia Flyer greats Reg Leach and Bobby Clarke both played for Flin Flon among others) and then after three years he came back and was a "high school drop-in".

    He always got a kick out of saying "high school drop-in".

    As for the OP, if you can handle calculus you can definitely handle algebra and geometry.
  7. Well it is for a few reasons.
    - It has been the only real regret of my life (dropping out)
    - I'd like to learn the material and strengthen my mathematical ability.
    - I also need the credit when I apply to university. I already applied with my cumulative college GPA (3.95, finishing my final semester) and noting my calculus course (97%), but I still didn't receive acceptance. I even requested to be a "mature student" ! I understand though, you NEED the mathematical history to float in the science programs.

    Everyone else: Thanks for the kind encouragements :biggrin:
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