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Postgraduate by research Mathematics

  1. Aug 20, 2012 #1
    Hi, I am planning to take my master next year, I have several misunderstanding that I wish anybody can explain.

    Okay, at first, last year, I've been checking Master programme on Universities. I found that some of them distinguished Master by research and master by coursework. And I keep convincing myself for one year that Master by research is doing desertion without any classes (except for seminars and stuff), Until now I've realised most of them required like for example 4 unit courses each semester. What even surprise me is that
    "The purpose of the prelimination exam is to make sure that graduate students have sufficient working knowledge of undergraduate material to complete a PhD"

    and the compulsory courses are all general mathematics (Analysis, Algebra, etc). I was hoping that I can leave uninterested subject(at least for me) when involve in Master Program. And pursue deeper on my own area of interest.

    So, is it all Universities are similar, or is it just me generalising with 2 or 3 Universities that I've read?

    p/s: I was so surprised that I want to post this thread immediately =P
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