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Postulate of Spirit, soul, body. And their theorems.

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    - Postulate.
    Well from MY simple knowledge. I'll tell about the soul.

    The spirit is the breath : http://www.hyperdictionary.com/dictionary/spirit


    \Spir"it\, n. [OF. espirit, esperit, F. esprit, L.
    spiritus, from spirare to breathe, to blow. Cf. {Conspire},
    {Expire}, {Esprit}, {Sprite}.]

    So The Spirit is co-operation with our lungs.

    It would seem that the dimensions the lungs affect include the soul.

    So the Spirit gives the soul breath as well. So our soul has lungs.

    If we are made up of spirit, soul, body. Our soul and body are animated by the spirit.

    If our spirit is weak, our body cannot run marathons. So too, our souls cannot run marathons if the spirit is weak.

    So there is a postulate in my definition of Spirit, Soul, Body.

    - Theorem.
    In the body. If your spirit is strong.
    You meet nefarious individuals who are unhealthy to you. Living on the edge it's called. But the danger is real the stronger your spirit gets.

    - Theorem.
    On the other hand. If your spirit is weak. Your body cannot really endanger itself with nefarious individuals.

    - Theorem.
    So. Intelligent people have strong spirit. And take the safety of the weak spirit.
    Placing the weak Spirit in a position of the strong spirit.

    - Theorem.
    This is demonstrated in the correspondence of Able the croucher, seeing Cain, and was hated by Cain.
    And again, where Jesus crouched and washed his friends feet. And again when he died, crouchers watched him.
    And again in Revelation. The croucher attacks the two firebreathing witnesses. And the world assumes the croucher position to watch them.

    - Are you looking up at me ? Friend.
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    My postulate is that extremely harsh drugs have done a number on your brain, rendering it nearly unuseable.
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