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Homework Help: Potential of point charges

  1. Feb 17, 2005 #1
    Two positive point charges q are located on the y-axis at +-(1/2)s. Find an expression for the potential along the x-axis.
    Express your answer in terms of epsilon_0, pi, q, x, and s.

    for this one, i know V = (1/4*pi*epsilon_0)*q/r.
    so i was thinking its just like finding the potential of multiple point charges, at + and - 1/2s. and this is along the x-axis so it will be at an angle. so i could use sqrt((1/2s)^2 + x^2) as the distance. so would this be right: (1/4*pi*epsilon_0)*q/(2*(sqrt((1/2s)^2 + x^2))) ?
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    Yes,electric potential is a scalar which obeys the principle of superposition,valid in linear electrodynamics...So you have to add them and yes,for generality,use [itex]x\neq 0 [/itex] and Pythagora's theorem...

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