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Power supply for solenoid valve

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    what's the difference between AC and DC power source for solenoid valve?and what is mainly the power consumed for?
    for mature products available, what should be taken into consideration for power design?
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    To tell you the truth, I don't think that I've ever heard of an AC solenoid. They probably work the same way as a DC one, but I can't help suspecting that there would be fatiguing vibrations at or around the cyclic frequency of the current. That is, after all, the basic idea of a doorbell buzzer.
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    I agree with Danger. Certainly the strongest solenoids will use DC power. The power consumed is the resistive losses in the solenoid coil while it holds the slug in tight. I'm not sure how you'd go about calculating the work done and corresponding extra power consumed during the pull-in phase....I just have never gone through that calculation.
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    AC solenoids are used all the time. Your washing machine most likely uses them to turn on and off the water.
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    Which to use is a matter of what power you have available. It is not worth the expense to include a DC power supply just to drive a few solenoids. On the other hand if you already need a DC supply, then use it.
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