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Practical knowledge in electronics

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    Hi guys , I don't know anything in electronics past how to calculate voltage and currents in circuits containing resistors and batteries . I lack the practical knowledge of how to construct real circuits . I want to know how to design real circuits . Can some one please point me to resources on how to design real circuits.Alot of websites are full of schematics but I do not know how to use those schematics to design circuits
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    Start with the most basic thing. V=I*R

    Voltage = Current X Resistance

    This one single equation can carry you a long, long way....and it always holds true without exception.

    Consider perhaps getting some schooling?
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    I think zahero knows about Ohm's law - he said he can calculate voltage and current for simple circuits. But I agree, the theoretical foundations are important.
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    jim hardy

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    There was a similar question not long ago.

    sparkfun dot com
    discovercircuits dot com
    tinaja dot com
    allaboutcircuits dot com

    and search out hobby sites.

    and be sure to get your basic quantities well understood


    When you can explain each in simple terms you are ready to start building things.
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